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We do not send any type of unsolicited email, or do the usual things spammers like doing. Should you receive/detect such activities that appear to come from us we would like to hear about it here either to a Web Form or Send email to abuse However take all cases seriously, but please include as much detail as you can, Thank you.

spf signedFor your convience spf records and sender id records (both) have also been setup. These (if your mail server checks spf etc) can verify if it came from here or was forged from elsewhere. We don't like spam as well so regardless we'd like to here about any 'abuse'.

Any non spam communication to us will remain private, it will not be sold, opted in etc, we may email back hopefully with an answer.

dkim signedBoth dkim and domainkeys signatures have been added to outbound email, In 2007 it was just domain keys (or dkim rfc 4871) in use to sign messages. Message signing will look something like this in the header.

DomainKey-Status: good

Until the key changes. And any email message from this site should have something like this that your email providers email system can automatically validate against to see if we sent the message of not. If your provider does not offer this there should be some of the headers above.

Naturally inbound messages are also checked for dkim signatures too. Mail privacy via pgp can also be offered at this domain, if keys are swapped in advance.

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We know what we do, and what does not happen, but we do not always know about joe jobs, viruses, and things that apparently we sent out not from our known hosts (spoofed), so any information is greatly received and if you can with the headers and time zones so much the better. Thank you so just fill in the form below a required field Means the form needs information, no blue dot, then you do not have to give any extra information.

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Perl usedWe respect your privacy, we will try and investigate.Current mail server activity Sending 'new' spam using this form is not recommended as the abuse department who gets it does not like it.

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