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CIW Professional logoIf you still have computers running windows, or need linux, or linux 'services' then we aim to help with a mx of skills, both in software products, and open standard software in system administration and application development integration. Rather than reinvent the wheel we have a 'do it once approach' So do please contact us below and our crack team of staff.

certified Linux professional 1Our operation relies on Linux for both desktop clients and servers. So we have certfications from acredited bodies in that area. Primarily we use Debian servers but we have knowlege of rpm based distros eg Redhat.

New IBM/Lotus Branded LogoOur expertise covers most arears, even front and back ends. 'Internet' can mean so little, or make complexity seem simple take email services add anti-span/domain keys/spf and imap servers all things most take for granted. Click on the certifable link for a little more detail.


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